About Turbo John

"I’ve been racing for over 30 years, with various different vehicles in all types of forms, Nitrous, Supercharged, and Turbocharged! I’m a real deal budget racer, using the parts I can get my hands on to make my car go fast. I like to try to do more with less, sometimes it works out good but other times not. But I’m gonna share the success and failures! Subscribe on YouTube and click the bell so you get notified when vids. I try to upload several videos per week from me working on the cars, to track outings."

Turbo John, aka John Phillips, has been drag racing since he was a teenager. After breaking several cars, his dad told him he had to learn how to fix things himself. Since then he's been the ultimate budget racer - learning how to do it himself and using any used part he has on hand. 

John started his YouTube channel at the urging of his wife, Kelly. She knew he had a lot of knowledge to share and would enjoy getting to know his fellow racers in a bigger way. 

Not only does John race and film for his YouTube channel, he still works a full-time job as a health inspector. You'll see him at tracks in the SouthEast US, and occasionally elsewhere in the county. He will appear on two episodes of Street Outlaws: Locals Only Season 2 when it airs.